A Message from Angie

As every journey starts with the first step, the road to better health is no different. When our girls were young, the Medical Doctors’ solution to ADHD was medicate them with drugs. I knew there had to be a better way and with desperation comes experimentation. With changes in diet, supplements and detoxing, they are healthy and rarely sick with no signs of ADHD.

Whether you have just reached a point that you know you need to take action, or you are dragging your spouse with them kicking and screaming that they don’t want to give up eating the things that they want, and too busy to exercise … remember, there are few things more important than quality of life. 

Good stuff in. Bad stuff out.

1. Educate yourself. Read some good books and websites about health and make changes.

2. Eat quality organic non-GMO food … it has more nutrition and you don’t get the herbicide, pesticide and toxic fertilizer residue.

3. A healthy gut is critical to good health. Reduce your intake of sugar and carbs. Consider enzymes and probiotics.

4. Drink pure water. Get a Zero water filter or a reverse osmosis system. Don’t put the chlorine and poisonous fluoride in you.

5. Stay active. Run, walk, play tennis, ride a bike or whatever to get the heart rate up and burn some calories.

6. Detox. Infrared saunas. Colon Hydrotherapy. Drink wheatgrass juice.